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The @EU_Finance podcast is created and hosted by the EU Commission’s Directorate General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union. Short episodes are released at the same time as the monthly EU Commission Finance Newsletter on topics related to banks, capital markets, insurance, digital or sustainable finance, anti-money laundering, sanctions, etc. The host of the podcast is not an expert, so tries to get the topics explained as simply as possible. The views expressed are those of the participants and not necessarily those of the EU Commission.

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11 hours ago

EU Finance Podcast host Aidas Palubinskas talks with Elodie Feller of the Platform on Sustainable Finance and EU Commission expert Sophie Rathmes about an important facet of sustainable finance – transition finance. The aim behind transition finance is to support companies that are at different starting points to become more sustainable in the future and to create the right conditions so capital flows can finance a more sustainable economy.
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Transition Finance:
Platform on Sustainable Finance:
Compendium on market practices
EU Finance Podcast episode on sustainability reporting:

Monday Mar 11, 2024

EU Finance Podcast host Aidas Palubinskas and Dominique Laboureix - the chair of the Single Resolution Board (the SRB) talk about the SRB, what it does, and WHY it does.
This is a companion episode to S02E02 on the subject of banking union, bank resolution and related matters.
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Single Resolution Mechanism and the SRB:

Tuesday Feb 06, 2024

EU Finance Podcast host Aidas Palubinskas and Andrea Beltramello, the Head of the Commission’s resolution and deposit insurance unit, talk about reforming the EU’s banking crisis management and deposit insurance (CMDI) framework within the EU’s Banking Union.
This is the first of a two part series. Next time, we’ll be talking with Dominique Laboureix - the chair of the Single Resolution Board (the SRB) - for a deeper dive into the SRB, what it does, and WHY it does.
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Reform of bank crisis management and deposit insurance framework:

Monday Jan 15, 2024

Special Edition - this episode being released outside the usual combination of podcast and monthly EU Finance Newsletter. It’s also special, because there’s been a massive uptick in Russian disinformation regarding sanctions, and the truth is needed to combat that as soon as possible.
The latest false Russian narrative is that sanctions are not working. Article after article gets pushed to world media. Russian proxies and populist politicians parrot the same line.  Why? Podcast host Aidas Palubinskas talks with EU Sanctions Envoy David O’Sullivan to shed some light on the subject. Spoiler Alert! It’s because sanctions ARE indeed working.
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Wednesday Dec 20, 2023

EU Finance Podcast host Aidas Palubinskas talks with Thomas Dodd, the EU Commission’s expert on corporate reporting about how someone who wants to invest sustainably can know if the investment is really green?  Well, surprise, surprise!, the EU has once again stepped up to help us out. At the beginning of this year, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) entered into force. This new directive modernises and strengthens the rules concerning the social and environmental information that companies have to report. A broader set of large companies, as well as listed SMEs, will now be required to report on sustainability. 
Here’s a link for a deeper dive into sustainability reporting:
You’ll find out EU Finance Newsletter here:

Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

In September 2020, the European Commission adopted the digital finance strategy to foster a more competitive and innovative European financial sector. The digital finance platform is part of this effort to support innovation in finance and build a true single market for digital financial services.
EU Finance Podcast host Aidas Palubinskas chats with the EU Commission’s foremost expert on the digital finance platform, Alice Guedel of DG FISMA, to help him understand the latest innovation on the platform – the Data Hub.

Wednesday Jul 26, 2023

Back in December of 2022, the EU decided to create a new role of International Special Envoy for the Implementation of EU Sanctions to ensure continuous, high-level discussions with third countries to avoid the evasion or even the circumvention of the unprecedented sanctions that have been imposed on Russia since the start of its brutal and illegal war against Ukraine and the West. EU Finance Podcast host Aidas Palubinskas chats with David O'Sullivan, a former Secretary-General of the Commission and senior EU diplomat, the EU Sanctions Envoy.

Friday May 26, 2023

Governments borrow. The EU borrows. It borrows to get stuff done. EU Finance Podcast host Aidas Palubinskas talks with Niall Bohan, the EU Commission’s Director for Asset, debt and financial Risk management in the Budget department. They walk through how the EU issues debt, how our bonds, EU bonds, work, why they work and why they’re a big, good deal. And they have some laughs along the way.

Friday Mar 31, 2023

EU Finance Podcast host Aidas Palubinskas chats with Axel Fougner – the EU Commission’s foremost authority on the European Green Bond Standard. Axel gives Aidas an explanation about EUGBS, how it’s going to work, why it’s going to work, and who is going to make it work. If you’re green behind the ears about bonds that might help save the planet, this episode is for you. If you’re ready to go green in your finances, give this one a listen.

The One About Clearing

Tuesday Feb 28, 2023

Tuesday Feb 28, 2023

Your intrepid EU Finance Podcast host Aidas Palubinskas has a quick-fire chat with Jenny Robertson, the head of the EU's Financial Markets Infrastructure unit. They're talking about something that deals with mind-boggling amounts of money. Tens of trillions of Euro. Yes, TENS of TRILLIONS of Euro. They're going to clear the air. They're going to clear the way to a better understanding of financial markets infrastructure. They're going to clear up any misunderstanding about why the EU is doing it. They're going to talk about clearing.

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