Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

The One About Capital Markets Union (CMU)

Brussels woke up to a clean blanket of snow this morning. It’s like there’s a beautiful single space, ready and waiting for new opportunities. Sounds like a metaphor for the EU, no?
When your host Aidas Palubinskas came to work for DG FISMA, what he likes to call the EU’s Ministry of Finance - work on the Capital Markets Union – the CMU - was just getting started. The CMU is a big project, and can sound complicated sometimes. And often, it is. At its core, the Capital Markets Union is a plan to create a single market for capital in the EU. The aim is to get money – investments and savings, including those of us – ordinary savers and consumers – flowing across and around the EU so that it can benefit consumers, investors, and companies, regardless of where they are located. Putting money to work to keep the machinery of our economy moving and growing. In other words, jobs and growth, kids, jobs and growth! Aidas talks to Tanya Panova, the head of the EU Commission’s CMU department in an energetic, and fun conversation, where Aidas probably gets in a little over his head.

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